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戸田恵梨香 - Toda Erika
19 August 2010 @ 08:05 pm
This journal is just a RP journal for Erika Toda at puzzle_rp, not the real person. No money is gained for this, just for personal entertainment purpose.. :)
戸田恵梨香 - Toda Erika
23 February 2009 @ 01:41 am
Name: Toda Erika
Date of Birth: August 17, 1988
Occupation: Cook at Ayaki


20 years old Erika was born in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan in August 17, 1988. At first she lived happily with her mother, while sometimes her father would be there on their house. But her happiness didn't really last long.

It was when she was 6 that her mother suddenly passed away due to the old sickness she had and all of a sudden she was suddenly being brought to her father's big house. That was how she discovered that she was actually an illegitimate daughter. Erika's happy life was changed in an instant.

Erika's life was full of taunt, despite the fact that her father was a real rich man. Big house, huge private bedroom, personal maids, chauffeurs and expensive cars, expensive dresses. She had it all. But that didn't mean that her life was happy. Her father's real family despised her existence and taunted her in every possible chance. Her father couldn't always be there to cover her, so she had no choice but to endure the pains she received, both physically and mentally.

She was introduced as the daughter of her father's distant relative in order to avoid scandals. That was why she was not given her father's surname. The secret was well kept inside the family, and so did her misery.

Despite all of that, Erika was still granted the luxury the main family had. She was sent to elite school, given the best treatment, and provided with all what she needed. But then, she knew at some point she had to leave the family if she wanted to gain her freedom. Luckily, she had good grades, as the result of her dilligent nature, which enabled her to apply a scholarship for her University study. Once she got it, she told her father that she wants to live independently and her father had no choice but to let her go. She was offered the luxury but she declined it. At the end, she started living on her, studying commerce at Aoyama University.

Erika had taken an interest on cooking so when she saw the notice in Ayaki, she applied as a part time cook and was accepted at the end.

Erika has a long black hair, which is currently wavy, and wears feminine clothes. But despite that, she actually has a tomboyish side which blends with her feminine side just well.

Since small, Erika had been taught how to be independent. Her father is richs, but being an illegitimate child puts her on a bad position. She has to suffer from the main family' insults and mocks. But she says nothing about it, choosing to remain silent instead. She doesn't inherit his father's name either. From that experience she learns how to be patient and hardworking, and that makes her more mature than how she should be.

Erika is so dilligent, and that is why she managed to achieve good grades and even scholarship for university, so that her education wouldn't have to be supported by her father. From that, she starts living on her own. Even though her father sends quite a big money to her account every months, she decides not to use it at all and works for her life.

-will be added later-

Erika is welcoming any possible kind of relationship. Leave a comment or send a PM if you're interested in doing so... :D
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